Frequently Asked Questions

Our school name serves as the symbolic capstone to our school’s mission and academic efforts. “Channing” is an old French and Anglo Saxon name that means “wisdom,” “wise one,” and “young wolf.” Interestingly, Native American mythology and symbology regard the wolf as the tribe’s greatest teacher - the forerunner of new knowledge who leaves the tribe to learn and discover and returns to share insight and wisdom.

As a natural extension of our school name, Koda, a young wolf, is our school mascot. Koda stands as an symbol of discovery, mastery, insight and wisdom as we foster individuals who are intellectually agile and are capable of contributing to a changing world.

Channing Hall recognizes and supports students as individuals, each with unique talents and interests. As such, our teachers continually assess students, tailor instruction, and maintain individualized, rigorous expectations that align with Utah State Core and IB Program standards. Teachers allow students to work in mixed groups, depending on the learning task at hand. These groups may be interest- or ability-based.

Curriculum is carefully chosen to be used with students at different levels of understanding. All learners can encounter difficulties and benefit from targeted instruction. Flexible grouping allows students to receive instruction in mixed or leveled groups for targeted instruction. The goal of meeting or exceeding high academic standards remains constant.

Charter schools are public schools of choice. The state of Utah grants charter schools the authority to make decisions concerning the structure, curriculum, and educational emphasis of the school. The scope of this authority is outlined in each school’s state-approved charter documents.

In return for the autonomy provided by the state, charter schools are held accountable for the academic achievement of their students. Charter schools face suspension or closure if accepted performance standards are not met. Accountability reports for all public schools are available at the Utah State Office of Education’s website.

Students adhere to a dress code that has been approved by the Governing Board.

If the school will be closed because of weather conditions or other concerns, we will call the number listed as the primary contact for each family, as well as notify local news stations, send an email, and post on the school's Facebook account.  

Each class has 27 students or fewer.

Charter schools depend on the willingness of parents to be involved in their child's education. Channing Hall encourages parents to volunteer each year. For information on volunteer opportunities, see the Volunteer page.