Family Commitment & Tracking

All Channing Hall, families are encouraged to volunteer throughout the year. The list below offers a variety of options, but there are many more. Please remember to track your volunteer hours here.

Volunteer Background Checks

Keeping students and staff safe is at the forefront of everything we do. As part of that effort, and to comply with state law, we do volunteer background checks for adults who may have unsupervised time with students, particularly during field trips.

Any volunteer who will be attending field trips must undergo a regional-level background check, which includes fingerprinting. This is a more comprehensive background check than we have used in the past and provides not only a look at past records, but also ongoing monitoring. The one-time cost is $15-$25, depending upon where you have your fingerprints taken. The background check will be good for a lifetime.

Please do your fingerprinting two weeks in advance of the field trip to ensure adequate time for processing. 

Questions? Contact your teacher, the front desk, or our business manager.

Classroom Opportunites

Grades K-5 − Many teachers need help with small groups and other activities. Contact them directly to arrange times.

Grades 6-8 − Middle Years teachers have fewer in-class needs, but will send occasional emails requesting help with field trips and other activities. 

Art − Need volunteers to assist with projects, display artwork, organize portfolios, and run the art fair. 

CTE/FACS − Volunteers may be invited to discuss their careers or help with sewing, cooking, computers, or other projects. 

PE − Help with fitness testing or regular classroom activities.

Room Parent − Work with teachers in Grades K-5 to plan holiday parties and to celebrate Cultural Awareness and Teacher Appreciation Week. Contact PTO or your child's teacher.

Library & Book Fair

The library can use volunteers most days. Help is also needed during two book fairs each year.