Gifted & Talented Program

Yearly screening for gifted & talented students in Grades 2-8; differentiated instruction as needed.

Language Arts

Our teachers use many resources and strategies to develop transdisciplinary units of study in Language Arts. Here are few:

  • Wonders
  • Lexia Core 5
  • Fundations

Intervention using i-Spire and Orton Gillingham Method.

  • Ready Math
  • Khan Academy
  • PYP Illustrative Math
Science / Social Studies

As much as possible, all content is taught through the IB units of inquiry. Social Studies and Science most often are the foundation of an IB unit. Teachers draw on the following resources in planning and implementing these IB units.

  • FOSS Kits
  • Delta Science Modules
  • National Geographic Theme Sets

Tools for Assessment

Assessments provide a snapshot of a student’s ability and help teachers customize classroom instruction. In addition to regular classroom assignments, projects, and tests, we use the following assessments in accordance with state law:

  • RISE
  • Lexia RAPID Assessment
  • EasyCBM
  • Ready Math
  • Acadience Reading Assessment
  • Acadience Math Assessment
  • Utah Compose